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Rugged Spice Shaving Soap

Rugged Spice Shaving Soap

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Put an end to razor burn, bumps, and dry itchy skin with this spicy natural shaving soap> Nourishing plant oils and butters combined with coconut milk and bentonite clay to create a rich, creamy, lather with good slip and plenty of moisture to reduce irritation and improve razor glide for a smooth, comfortable shave. 

Certified organic.

By Chagrin Valley


Organic coconut oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic castor bean oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide*, organic avocado oil, organic cornstarch, organic soapnuts, organic Rosemary extract, organic essentials oils of Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cassia, and Rosemary.

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