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Jean’s Greens

Rachael Jeans Ultimate Green Drink!

Rachael Jeans Ultimate Green Drink!

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From Empowered Herbals LLC, this chlorophyll rich, raw and gluten free blend contains concentrated superfoods without any fillers. This intense nutrition helps support the system on a cellular level. Great-tasting, award-winning and endorsed by Rosemary Gladstar.

Available  1/4 lb.(22 servings)  1/2 lb.(45 servings), 1 lb. (90 servings)


Organic Spirulina, organic Nettle Leaf, Chlorella (GWC), organic Beet Root, organic Barley Grass, organic Wheat Grass, organic Alfalfa, Apple Fiber (GWC), Inulin, L. Acidophilus (organic Jerusalem Artichoke), L. Bulgaricus (GWC), L. Rhamnosus (GWC), L. Casei (GWC), L. Plantarum (GWC), B. Coagulans (GWC), B. Bifidum, B. Breve (GWC).

GWC - Growth Without Chemicals

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