4 Elements

Four Elements Bath Salts

Four Elements Bath Salts

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These unique bath salts are a revitalizing way to infuse yourself with fresh, organic herbs that support healthy body systems, while creating a most enriching bathing experience. When you choose Four Elements, you're supporting organic farmers who partner with the Earth.


Breathe Better - Epsom Salts, baking soda, sage, thyme, mustard powder, eucalyptus essential oil, clary sage essential oil.
Soothing Soak - Epsoms salts, baking soda, lemon balm, rose geranium, lavender essential oil, rose geranium essential oil.
Woodland Retreat - Eposm salts, baking soda, sage, juniper, lovage, coriander seeds, patchouli essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, vetiver essential oil, clary sage essential oil, clove essential oil.

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